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How To Make A Dedicated Server

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How To Make A Dedicated Server

Post  Bryan199812 on Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:00 pm

First off, you need to forward your ports, if you like go to  But otherwise here's how to do it: so go to run type in cmd (if you have xp) if you have 7 or vista go to start in the search box type in cmd.

Now type in ipconfig in the command prompt, use the first one that says: "default gateway".  Now type than in your browser.  Now you will be asked for you username & password.  Try admin as username, admin as password, or try username: admin password (none), or try username: admin and password: password.  If that works go to something like "forwarding".  Now forward port 2351 so when it asks for ip in the ipconfig window (assuming you still have it open) look for the IPv4 address.  Use that for the ip field, and protocol all.

So first you need this...  Make a new folder in The Root of your drive. call it anything you want.  Put the stuff in the zip into that folder.

Then get ServerMania now put some tracks in my documents/challenges/servertracks put them there.

Now fire up Trackmania then create a server then click launch.

Then select your tracks.

Click save settings save it as MyServerList.  Now create a a dedicated server account here  Put in you full product key (to be found at the back of your written manual or being supplied via email if you bought TM online.)  So then create your server there.  Hint: maybe your regular password won't be accepted, try another one. If you run TMNF just create a free acount.

Here's a quote from Mania Creative: 


Mania Creative wrote:"1. Copy the complete "Servertracks" folder into this folder:


Probably Nadeo forgot to reprogram the server software before publishing the "Forever" addons, so that it also uses the "My documents" folder, just like the games. That's why you need to copy the tracks from folder to folder, so they can be found when starting the server.

2. The same goes for MyServerList.txt in " My Documents\Trackmania\Tracks\Matchsettings\". Copy the file to:

[Server-Program-Folder]\Tracks\Matchsettings\. Stupid, but necessary.

3. Go to the folder of the server program and create a desktop shortcut for the "TrackmaniaServer.exe". (right click mousebutton at the executable should bring the context menu, where you find the option to create that shortcut).

After you created the desktop shortcut, go to the desktop and click the right mousebutton to call the "Properties" menu.

After the "Target", 2 additional parameters must be added:

/dedicated_cfg=dedicated_cfg.txt and /game_settings=MatchSettings/MyServerList.txt

Depending on where your own files are, the complete target would look like this:

C:\TMF\TrackmaniaServer.exe /dedicated_cfg=dedicated_cfg.txt /game_settings=MatchSettings/MyServerList.txt

There must be a blank space between the program's pathname and each of the 2 parameters."

Now get FAST and GPP from here.  Fast:, GPP:

Put fast in your Server Program Folder and gpp in there too.

Now time to fire up servermania.

Click add set the server as local.

Now go to network tab change the server port to 2351.

Change the server p2p port to 3451.

Now set the server login and pass to the account of the one you created for your server. Now select the server location. (Your server folder).

Then select that match settings (the one in your server folder) .

Now click ok.

Tip: In servermania in the server panel check "internet server".

Almost done. now set your server options then launch the server. And FAST, if you did it right, people can join it ingame.

Oh one more thing, make sure you have NAT loopback on.


Last edited by Bryan199812 on Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:49 pm; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : Somebody pulled a cruel prank on me, so i had to rewrite the whole tutorial. Jerks!!)

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